Work with me

Let me just start with the obvious: Chronic illness isn’t fun. You don’t look that sick, but you feel like a walking zombie. A fulfilling work life seems out of reach. You’re just getting through your day. Some days you can hang in there, but other days, you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. You wake up already exhausted. You lack motivation on a lack-level you’ve never before experienced. Tasks aren’t getting done because you feel bone-tired all the time. You’re snapping at your kids, spouse, and pets.

You’ve been to lots of practitioners. You feel like no matter what you do or know, maybe you don’t have what it takes to improve your health. The bad days are getting more frequent. Your usual medications and remedies aren’t working as well. It’s getting harder to sleep. You seem to be aging too fast. You worry that you are too broken, too traumatized, too crazy.

You’re not crazy! You’re not hopeless. And you’re not just aging. You just need smart strategies to rebalance your biochemistry, mobilize the healing forces within you, and nourish you back to health.

When you start coming out from under the dark cloud of illness, all of your processes start to work much more efficiently. Getting healthier frees up a flow of positive energy that increases as your recovery progresses. It takes time, but gradually, you get your sexy back. You sleep deeply and wake up refreshed and in a good mood. Eventually, you feel like yourself again. You have more time to spend doing the things you love– like dancing, hiking, snowboarding, you name it! You feel creative and motivated again. You’re not just getting through your day anymore. You’re working toward life goals that you feel passionate about.

I’ll be honest with you. If there was an easy answer or magic pill for your health issues, you would have heard of it by now. Getting healthy naturally takes time.┬áTogether, we’ll take a look a the whole picture and address your health issues at the root.