My story

My trouble with migraine headaches started in 1999. I was in my late 20s, with no medical insurance, living in Charlottesville, Virginia. At first, I thought they were hangovers. But then I started to have them even if I hadn’t had anything to drink. Then I thought it was my wisdom teeth, so I had them removed. Yet the headaches persisted.

As the years passed, the migraines grew more frequent and more painful. When I could access conventional medicine, there was nothing anybody could do for me. All my lab work came back normal. One doctor accused me of faking it to score pain drugs. So I quit asking doctors for help. I learned over the years to soothe myself with bodywork, energy work, and home remedies. I studied Reiki, Herbalism, and Zero Balancing with some fantastic teachers. Still, my headaches continued to worsen.

As my condition worsened…

…my life adjusted. I gradually moved out of steady employment and into a work-at-home situation as a consulting astrologer, where my time was less structured and I could more easily flow with the ups and downs of my health challenges. My practice focused on forecasting and electional astrology– selecting auspicious dates for important events like surgery and weddings.

It was then that I started to read the patterns of medical astrology for myself and my clients. It was frustrating to me that I could accurately pinpoint their symptom patterns, but I had little to offer in terms of addressing those symptoms.

And then I bottomed out

In 2011, I moved to Denver, Colorado and married my husband. A few months after the wedding, my health began a steeper decline. I developed a set of horrendous symptoms. Severe chemical sensitivity (MCS). Food sensitivities. Debilitating fatigue. Maddening tinnitus. Anger and anxiety. Memory problems. Frequent colds, and a UTI I couldn’t get rid of. By 2013, I was in constant physical, emotional, and psychic pain. I knew there was a smart, happy, kind-hearted woman inside me, but all I could feel anymore was anger and fear. Life was not going well for me.

I now know that I had been suffering all along from a progressive multi-system biochemical disorder. In 2014, I discovered that the root cause of my worsening troubles was the mercury that had been off-gassing and leaking out of my metal dental fillings. Long story short: I researched my options, found a dentist to safely remove the old fillings, and began a mercury chelation protocol. For the first time in my adult life, my health started to get better rather than worse.

As I studied the work of Dr. Andy Cutler and learned about the chemistry of mercury chelation, I became more and more interested in a broader understanding of the science behind what had happened to me and how I recovered. I also saw a need for skilled practitioners in this area. The Cutler protocol includes an individualized supplementation program that is not always easy to work out for yourself, especially if you suffer from cognitive impairment, or if you don’t have the hours to put into the research that I did. I would hang out in the mercury detox forums online, trying to help the people I saw struggling. What frustrated me was that I really wanted to help on a deeper level, with a broader understanding of physiology and biochemistry (and some letters behind my name).

Back to school

So, back to school, I went. I enrolled at Nutrition Therapy Institute in early 2015. Studying holistic nutrition therapy gave me what I was looking for: an understanding of the “big picture,” an effective therapeutic toolbox, and clinical skills to make it work. My holistic education in anatomy, physiology, and nutritional biochemistry has opened a new door into medical astrology, as well. I see things on a whole new level now.

Just a handful of years ago, I thought I would always have migraines, that my pain was somehow a part of me. But it wasn’t– slowly but surely, I got my magic back. And so can you!