A New Perspective on Your Health and Wellbeing

Why consult a medical astrologer?

A medical astrologer can help you answer these questions:

  • What are the root causes of my symptoms? Which body systems are involved?
  • Which medical or alternative health practitioners would be most likely to help?
  • On what timeline is this illness likely to play out?
  • What is the deeper meaning behind my health journey?
  • Are there underlying emotional and spiritual issues I can work on to facilitate my healing journey?
  • What patterns of unconscious thought and emotion tend to correspond with my illness, and how can I work to overcome them? (My teacher Lynn Koiner has done some fantastic research in this area)
  • When should I book medical appointments, start new medications, and undergo medical procedures?
  • Which herbal and energetic remedies might help me feel better?

Can astrology help me understand my illness?

Definitely! But maybe not in the exact way you’re thinking.

In medical astrology, the question is NOT, what disease does the person have?

The more important question is, who is the person with the disease? Who are you? What do you need? What are the obstacles in your way? Which processes run fast in your body, and which are slow? What’s hot, and what’s cold?

Astrology can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms on all the levels– emotional, energetic, structural, and even biochemical.

My experience in astrology paired with my training as a Nutrition Therapist makes it easy for me to pinpoint your body’s weak spots. Your chart tells me about your symptoms and suggests reasons why you have them. It shows me your eating habits, food sensitivities, food addiction, gut health, blood sugar balance, and current and upcoming stress. The chart tells me about where you tend to get stuck– and what nutritional approach works best for you.

My toolbox and credentials

Can a medical astrologer diagnose my illness?

No!!! At least not if they practice in the United States. It’s illegal for an unlicensed practitioner to diagnose or treat illness. Even a licensed practitioner would use the chart in conjunction with your medical history, lab tests, etc.

But I’m okay with that. A diagnosis is only a label, after all. As a nutrition therapist, my job isn’t to treat disease. I can assist you (with the help of your birth chart) in identifying the drag on your health. Then we can address nutritional deficiencies to enable your body’s own healing mechanisms to function optimally. 

A nutrient-rich diet and rock solid digestion are the foundations of good health. I’m trained to help you transition into healthier habits so that your body has what it needs to get better on its own– even from a long-standing, chronic illness.

Molly Gauthier

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Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Half science nerd, half mystic. Molly is an experienced astrologer and a holistic health practitioner trained to get to the root of your health issues and help you address them naturally. She teaches astrology online at mollysastrology.com.