AstroWellbeing – a Holistic Medical Astrology consultation

Why turn to medical astrology?

You’re feeling stuck on your health journey. You have been working with different doctors and practitioners who all have different opinions about what’s going on with you. What you really want are new insights and practical answers from a knowledgeable professional, to help you put the pieces together. You’ll understand the “bigger picture” from a new perspective.

How can a holistic medical astrology consultation help me?

Here are some topics we can explore:

  • Your life’s journey as seen in the birth chart.
  • Insight into the unseen root causes of illness.
  • Psychological and karmic patterns that relate to your symptoms.
  • Current and upcoming chapters in your story.
  • Natural, nutritional, and manual therapies that will be most effective— and when to seek them out.
  • Individualized holistic health and nutrition tips.

Consultation length: 1 hour
Price: $147 (includes preparation time). 

All services are confidential.