Best astrology for surgery, medical treatments, and dental procedures

Planning a surgery, dental work, or medical procedure can be overwhelming, right?

You’ve got this! And I’m here to help. Astrology gives me an accurate energetic “lay of the land” that I can use to help you find the sweetest “sweet spot” available to you. 

The interplay of the Sun, Moon and planets in the heavens tells us how well things are likely to be “flowing” in a complex setting like a surgical workplace. I’ll take look ahead at the ups and downs coming down the pike. I’m looking for a day when the medical workplace is functioning well.

Second, planetary contacts to your birth chart tell us a lot about your vitality, resilience, and frame of mind going into surgery. So I’ll also be looking for a date when the planets are pointing to success in your chart

Together, these two incredibly important insights can help you schedule any activity that’s likely to put some stress on your physical body, especially a medical procedure. I’ll pinpoint the options that look like the smoothest sailing– the best astrology for your surgery. 


Medical procedure, surgery, or dental work: $97
Cosmetic surgery or treatment (including tattoos): $147
If you cannot afford the fee, you may request a discount or waiver.
(No discounts for most cosmetic procedures.)

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an electional research service. The purpose is to help you plan your procedure with the most favorable alignments available. I will research the dates you give me and get back to you via email with what are, in my opinion, the best of your available dates for your medical procedure. 

My opinion on the timing for your surgery or procedure is based on careful research and informed by my decades of experience with astrology. I usually include a short review of my thought process with the recommendation. If you have questions about the recommendation, you may schedule a brief meeting to discuss the recommendation at no extra charge.

How many dates? I’ll give you as many good dates for surgery as I can find. Sometimes there are several to choose from. Other times, I struggle to find just one that is suitable. Your chart, as Forrest Gump would say, is like a box of chocolates. I don’t know what I’m gonna get until I get in there.

What not to expect

I don’t read the surgery chart. I don’t do full readings on the surgery chart itself, even for my own medical treatments.

But if you are interested in a health-focused reading of your birth chart, you’ll love my AstroWellbeing consultation.

Secondly, I will point out times when you have the most strength and support, but I cannot guarantee a favorable outcome. The outcome ultimately depends on more than astrological conditions.

Finally, I am not a doctor. My recommendation is not medical advice.

There are three major areas I focus on when looking for the best astrology for a surgery or medical procedure.

  • The astrology on the calendar. I’m looking for the clearest skies I can find– this tells me that the astrology for surgery will be more suitable. The surgical team will be getting along, and the workplace will be functioning smoothly and with minimal stress. This won’t make a bad team good, but it will optimize teamwork and communication in the workplace.
  • The phase of the Moon. For most surgeries, the closer to the New Moon, the better.
  • The impact of the day’s astrological influences on your birth chart (also called your transits). This tells us what kind of day you are having. Planetary contacts to your birth chart describe your vitality, resilience, and frame of mind going into a medical procedure. They give us an idea how your body is likely to react to the impact of the procedure.

Yes! I am a dog and cat mom, myself. I want the best for my pets, and I use astrology to schedule their appointments, too. If you know your pet’s date of birth, that’s helpful! If not, I can still help you find a clear day on the calendar for your fur-kid.

Short answer: No. Why?

  • Because this is a WAY bigger deal in your life. For the doctor, it’s just another day at work. The calendar gives us a good enough idea of the energetics at work in the surgical workplace, and is the most useful tool we have to determine the best astrology for your surgery.
  • Because finding the best date for two people takes a lot more time and research than it does for one. (To give you an idea, I used to elect wedding dates for couples. My fees typically came in at about $400-500.)
  • Because in most cases, it would limit your options so much, that it wouldn’t be practical.

There are times in life when a medical procedure has to be done, regardless of the planets. If your procedure must be done soon for medical reasons, do not put it off to wait for better astrology. 

If your surgery date is set and can’t be moved, please do yourself a favor and STOP LOOKING AT THE ASTROLOGY. Close the book; stop running charts; step away from the Google machine. If you are a beginner looking for something scary in astrology, YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND IT. 

Astrology is just a timing tool. Try not to let it become a source of worry and stress that could affect your surgical outcome negatively.

Even if your date is a total astrological stink-bomb, it does not guarantee that things won’t work out! Of course you have difficult transits; this is a difficult time in your life! It may not be the kind of optimized timing for surgery that you get when you have a wide open schedule and plenty of dates to choose from. Still, it does not guarantee a poor outcome. Worrying about astrology won’t help you or your loved ones get through it.

My suggestion: bless yourself and the people around you, bless the planets, and let the process unfold on its own timetable.

If you would like to examine the astrology around a medical crisis, consider an AstroWellbeing consultation.


Jake’s heart surgery on Wednesday was a success and we are home. He is healing wonderfully just as you predicted. Thank you for your guidance in choosing the date and best to you and yours.​
(Jake's mom)
I wanted to let you know my spine surgery went really well!!! Thank you so much for the help on the date. I could definitely notice that I was feeling good physically and emotionally on the day of the surgery, so thank you.
I had my cosmetic surgery on February 20th this year as you had suggested. I am extremely happy with the outcome! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again.
Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Half science nerd, half mystic. Molly is an experienced astrologer and a holistic health practitioner trained to get to the root of your health issues and help you address them naturally. She teaches astrology online and publishes an annual astrology calendar at