Holistic Nutrition Therapy

What is holistic nutrition?

  • Holistic nutrition is an alternative/complementary approach to health care that REALLY WORKS!
  • Holistic nutrition seeks to identify and address ROOT CAUSES of ill health, not just symptoms.
  • Holistic nutrition is based on SCIENCE, not food industry dogma.
  • Holistic nutrition recognizes your BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. There are some universal principles that apply to all humans. But there is no single diet that works for everybody. My healthiest lifestyle and diet might look totally different from yours!

Nutrition therapy for chronic illness

  • Nutrition therapy is an ONGOING PROCESS. Developing healthier lifestyle and eating patterns means making a number of different diet and lifestyle choices, a series of one-at-a-time baby steps. Ultimately, we are working on evolving your relationship with food, which is intimately tied to your feelings about yourself and your body.
  • Some nutrient imbalances are easy to correct. I have had clients and case studies who had symptoms resolve within a week of starting their holistic diet plans.
  • But chronic pain and ill health are different. It takes a long time for a condition like chronic migraines, obesity, or autoimmune disease to develop. Therefore, it also takes some time to for the system to repair, rebuild, and regain function. Here’s a rule of thumb: for every year you have had the symptom, we can guesstimate that it will take about a month of work to resolve it.
  • Another general rule of thumb is that symptoms tend to resolve in the reverse order that they appeared. This isn’t always exactly how it happens, but it can help you get a general sense of what to expect.
  • As we progress in our work together, you might develop a deeper understanding of the impact that different foods have on your body and mind.